Cult band from ‘garage’ called Phillips Academy

The Rising Storm, Phillips Academy yearbook, 1967. Clockwise from left: Todd Cohen, Tom Scheft, Bob Cohan, Richard Weinberg, Charlie Rockwell, Tony Thompson

“The Rising Storm grew out of an impromptu jug band of Andover sophomores, soon teaching each other the guitar licks they taught themselves … it was the Rising Storm’s handful of dreamlike, sensitive-boy originals, largely inspired by the fantastical West Coast band Love, that set the group apart … On [January 12] the specialty label Sundazed reissues ‘Calm Before,’ the Rising Storm’s self-financed, ultra-rare debut album, recorded during the bandmates’ senior year at Andover.” [From feature story in The Boston Globe, 01.10.18. To read full article, click here.]

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