Storm rising: Back story from an insider

Bob Cohan, a lead guitarist for The Rising Storm, offers anecdotes and insights about the band during an hour-long interview. To watch the interview, which includes lots of Rising Storm music, click here.


Kickstarter drive for Storm movie

The director and producer of a 30-minute movie about Calm Before, the 1967 album by The Rising Storm, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to support production costs. To see the short trailer for the campaign, click here.


Promotional video for Calm Before reissue

Sundazed Music in January 2018 reissued Calm Before, the 1967 album by The Rising Storm, on vinyl and CD. The album also is now available on Apple Music. Sundazed has produced a short video promoting the reissue of the album. To watch it, click here.


‘Ain’t Dead Yet Tour’

In 1992, on our “Ain’t Dead Yet Tour,” Henry Ferrini of Ferrini Productions in Gloucester, Mass., followed The Rising Storm with his camera and made a short documentary about the band. [Click to watch; video starts about 00:18.]