Storm to play at 55th reunion


The Rising Storm, Phillips Academy yearbook, 1967. Clockwise from left: Todd Cohen, Tom Scheft, Bob Cohan, Richard Weinberg, Charlie Rockwell, Tony Thompson (seated)

The Rising Storm will perform in June when its class at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., celebrates its 55th reunion.

The band, which has continued to get together and perform since graduating from Andover in 1967, will play at a dance for all classes from Phillips Academy and Abbot Academy celebrating their reunions this year. Andover and Abbot merged in 1973 to form a co-ed boarding school.

Calm Before, the album the band produced and released in 1967, has achieved nearly cult status and is one of the most prized garage-band albums ever. It was reissued in 2018 by Sundazed Music. The band and album are the focus of a prize-winning 30-minute documentary released the same year.

All six original members are still active in the band — Tony Thompson, leader, lead singer, rhythm guitar; Bob Cohan, lead guitar, vocals; Richard Weinberg, lead guitar, vocals; Charlie Rockwell, keyboards, vocals; Tom Scheft, drums, vocals; and Todd Cohen, bass.