Storm flick keeps rolling — and rockin’

A documentary movie about The Rising Storm and calm before…, its iconic 1967 album, now has been shown at 18 film festivals, received top awards at eight of them, and will be screened at four more in 2023.

The 30-minute movie tells the story of The Rising Storm, a rock-and-roll band formed in 1965 by six sophomore at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., and Calm Before, the album they produced their senior year. The album has developed a passionate following among vinyl-record collectors. In 2016, a copy sold for $6,500.

Released in 2018 and directed by Andrew Brier, calm before…the rising storm has been shown at four festivals in 2022, and won a top award at one of them.

Tom Scheft, June 2022

Festivals that have screened the film, and awards it has received, include:


Jukebox International Film Festival, Nevada, September 2018 (premiere) — Best Short Documentary.

Festival Sayulita, Mexico, November 2018 — Best Short Music Documentary.

Santa Cruz International Film Festival, California, November 2018 – Best Short Music Documentary.

Bob Cohan , June 2022


Americana Film Festival, Spain, March 2019.

Lyons International Film Festival, Colorado, April 2019 – Best Short Documentary.

Riverrun Film Festival, North Carolina, April 2019.

Music Shorts Film Festival, Montana, May 2019.

Jerome Independent Film and Music Festival, Montana, September 2019 – Best Short Documentary.

Doc ‘N Roll Film Festival, London, England, November 2019


(No film festivals because of Covid)


Sands Film Festival, Florida, August 2021.

Amsterdam Short Film Festival, The Netherlands, December 2021.

Sound on Screen Music Film Festival, Cape Town, South Africa, December 2021.

Parai Musical International Awards, India, December 2021 – Best Documentary Music Video.

Charlie Rockwell, June 2022


Gosh! International Film Festival, Paris, France, January 2022.

San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival, January 2022 — (Finalist, Best Short Documentary).

Bare Bones Music and Documentary Festival, Oklahoma, April 2022.

Doc N ‘Ritam Music Documentary Festival, Serbia, June 2022.

Screaming Ostrich Film Festival, Massachusetts, September 2022 – Best short documentary.


The movie is scheduled to be shown at the following festivals:

Rock the Shorts, Los Angeles, April 2023.

Cine Pobre, La Paz, Mexico, April 2023.

Boomtown Film and Music Festival, Texas, May 2023.

Doc Boston Film Festival, July 2023.

Todd Cohen, June 2022

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