Review: One of the most enthralling, evocative, sought-after ’60s rock albums

Calm Before, the spine-tingling 1967 album by The Rising Storm, is a delightful smorgasboard of colours and sounds, primal rock ‘n’ roll, haunting pop melancholia, and atmospheric, at times proto-psychedelic-tinged, beat….Justifiably hailed as one of the period’s most significant recordings. It now has been reissued by Sundazed. Fans of the Storm also can look forward to a new film documentary. [For full review from It’s Psychedelic Baby magazine, click here.]

Garage rockers emerged from ’60s prep-school jug band

BBA Jug Band, January 1965. Front row, from left: Tom Scheft, Bob Cohan, Tony Thompson. Second row: Todd Cohen (2nd from left), Richard Weinberg (2nd from right). Top row: Charlie Rockwell (right)

What began as a jug band in a prep-school dorm in the 1960s led to a rock band that produced an album in 1967 that has gained worldwide recognition, a cult following, a reissue of the album, and a documentary set for release this year. [To read more, click here.]